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Jason Mak (Soft Tissue Occupational Therapist)

Jason graduated from Curtin University in 1997 and was recruited before his graduation to work with Australia’s leading CETP (Competitive Employment, Training and Placement) agency for people with disabilities. He was quickly promoted to the management team where he assisted in the management of 25 staff and support of over 500 clients in open employment.

Jason began working in the area of soft tissue treatment and management in 2002. In 2009 Jason decided to bring his knowledge and skills he learnt over the years to join the successful team at Ellenbrook Chiropractc & Wellness Centre.  Jason is passionate about the work he does and takes a holistic approach in the management and prevention of soft tissue injuries.  He treats numerous patients of all age groups, professions and varying injuries. His clientele includes TV personalities, ex-AFL players, WAFL players, state and national athletes including members of the men’s and women’s gymnastics team, track and field and callisthenics.  He also treats many people from a variety of sectors including corporate, education, health, tradespersons and families.

Jason uses a variety of neuromuscular techniques’ to assist clients overcome a variety of conditions. He is very client centred in his approach and develops a treatment plan to be specifically tailored to their needs. Some of his current educational and treatment interest’s lie with Dry Needling Plus (a type of western acupuncture), kinesiotaping and myofascial release.

Jason has always been an avid sportsperson throughout his life. He enjoys playing golf and following Aussie Rules football. He has a beautiful wife and two young children.

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